Marcelo Mazza. UX Consultant. Interaction Designer. Front-end Developer. Usability Researcher. Project Manager. Team Leader. Husband & Father.

Hola! I'm Marcelo Mazza, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the last 10 years I’ve been working in User Experience.

I’m a problem solver, data-oriented kind of guy, and I love crafting solutions from ground-zero; wireframing, iterating, testing & coding each piece of the UX puzzle.

I’ll do my best to tell you more about me...

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Understand which are the people needs when they use your interface. Understand the goals & needs of your business. If you don't know why you are doing what you are doing, it'll fall apart sooner or later.

Get the data.

To be able to understand, you need data. Learn from the real world. Data is more easy to find than ever, it's everywhere. Use it wisely, and keep using it throughout the project, before, during, after. Shape your interface around that.

Test early.

(Thanks Steve Krug for this one). Don't wait until the final polish. It will never happen. Test as soon as you can, a pencil, a paper and a coffee will do. If you don't even have that, use your competition sites. In 5 minutes you can avoid a waste of money. You already tested? Then iterate. And test again. And again.

Don't reinvent the wheel.

What a lovely phrase. There are thousands if not millions of frameworks an resources out there. The majority of them are Open Source. Use them, you'll save time and effort. You can even collaborate and make them more awesome and better.

Be prepared for failure.

It will happen. But the best of all is that you can try and keep trying. You just need the desire and hunger of doing it.

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Work - User Experience Designer

Since June 2014

Plannet earth's #1 accommodation site. Relocated to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. is the biggest player of the Priceline Group (PCLN), U$S 6 billon revenue in 2013, leader e-commerce company side by side with Amazon and Ebay

Designing, researching and experimenting, analysing the data input and combining it with the creative invention of solutions. Gathering business metrics and defining the impact of the improvements. Mobile design, optimization for EMK & PPC campaigns. Wireframes. A/B Testing. Web design. Fron-End Development

Live site - User Experience Manager

April 2011 to May 2014

#1 e-commerce tourist site in Latin America. Keeping the site consistency across different Producs. Creating new features and thinking about new solutions to improve our current business. A/B Testing of new features. Interaction with large teams, including Product Owners and Back-End Developers.

Optimizing the front-end of the site, trying new techniques. Implementing Responsive Web Design.

Sketching, Usability Testing, Wireframing, Mocking, Designing and Coding the Front-End. Positively leading a 20 people team.

Live site Dashboard Redesign


Austin, Texas based startup. Applied Responsive Web Design techniques to the registration process first, and then to the overhaul of the Dashboard. Integration with Zend framework, used SASS for the stylesheets + implementation of icon fonts.

© 2011-2015 Akimbo Financial, Inc.

Live demo

Rock band website

Design. HTML. CSS. Video & Audio Embedded.

Live demo

Nerd stuff


This is a plain HTML website. I'm using:

As a good portfolio, it's never finished. I've tried to keep it as simple as it can, so here are a couple of things that I normally use but you won't see here now (but can appear in any moment):

  • Modernizr
  • Require.js
  • CSS and JS compression & minification
  • SEO optimization
  • Accesibility & validation :)

If you want to check the code, you can find this site in Github.

Check code at Github

My Tool Belt

Sketch & Fireworks (RIP). Sublime Text + Emmet (ex Zen Coding). LESS. SASS + Compass. OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS. Grunt (with LiveReload!). Bower. Yeoman. Modernizr. Git & Github.


My work is my hobbie! (my wife can't understand this :P). I keep reading and trying new UX things. I love reading. I love music. I love movies. I love traveling and knowing new places.

I keep updated with

Blogs: A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, Netttuts+, 24 ways, CSS Wizardry and a lot more. Weekly news: Web Design Weekly, CSS Weekly, HTML5 Weekly, JavaScript Weekly,

Playground: Chrome Extension

I did it a couple of months ago, based on site. Check it out! Can I Use? Chrome Extension. You can also check it's source code.

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